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Heart Pendants

Key Heart Pendant -50030390 $142.00
Heart Pendant $189.00
14K White Heart Pendant $218.00
Heart Shaped Pendant -50030389 $248.00
Heart Shaped Pendant -50030386 $367.00
14K White Heart Pendant Slide $387.00

Just as the heart signifies love and affection, so do heart pendants. The heart pendant is usually given as a gift to signify a bond between two people, whether friend, family, or lovers. The popularity of the heart pendant has driven many designers to create exclusive collections.

These pendants vary in a variety of precious metals and are created in many shapes and sizes. Some hearts are solid and some dance with open space. Some of these pendants also will display other key items such as a lock and key or an arrow. Heart pendants are emphasized in many ways but they all embrace the communal symbol of love and convert it into a beautiful and treasured piece. When you are ready to give your love, Alter’s Gem is just a heartbeat away.

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