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Global Metals Production Recovers

Worldwatch Institute assesses growth of worldwide metals production and the challenges of conservation. The global production of key metals increased more than 14 percent in 2010 marking a robust recovery from the sharp decline spurred by the 2009 global recession. Production totaled 1.48 billion tons in 2010, the last year for which data are available, according to research conducted for the W


GOLD DUST / GOLD BARS FOR SALE I am Prince Kwabena Mensah from Obuasi Community here in Ghana.I Am a Representative of the local Gold miners here in Obuasi Community Ghana. We have the capability of producing between 50-100 kilos of Gold Dust Monthly. ( The product Available Below ) Commodity : Gold Dust / Gold Bars Available Quantity : 300kg Origin : Ghana Qu

Solid Gold Success Story

Solid gold Canadian entrepreneurial success story unveiled as BMG CEO Nick Barisheff celebrates tenth anniversary of first bullion fund It's hard to believe that bullion was once an unloved asset class, but Bullion Management Group Inc. (BMG) founder, President and CEO Nick Barisheff fought a multi-year uphill battle that led to the creation of BMG's first bullion fund 10 years ago today. "

Beautiful 100 Gram Gold Bar - PAMP Suisse with Assay Certificate = to 3.215oz of pure GOLD!.

I'm a good trusted Seller with 100% positive feedback in selling gold items! buy with confidence! PAYPAL IS ACCEPTED BUT THERE WILL BE A FEE OF 2.99% and must be paid before item ships. If you want to avoid paying so much in credit card fees from Paypal you can also use these forms of payments: Wire Transfer Certified from Bank Cashiers Check Cash for local pick up Alot of times

Metalbug introduces gold and precious metal iPhone application

Metalbug provides real-time spot prices directly from Kitco for gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium. Features unique to Metalbug include purity (Karat or %) and weight (unit) options to quickly determine the current market value of precious metal assets. Metalbug gives users the ability to stay on top of the precious metals marketplace whenever and wherever they are. Metalbug function

Buy gold like a professional dealer and claim a complimentary gram of free gold

What's the best way to go about buying gold? Type "Buy Gold" into Google, and you'll be met with a huge range of choices. Most carry their own advantages and drawbacks, depending on your aims and concerns. Here are the four options now open to private investors wanting to buy gold today: 1. Buy Gold for Physical Possession Buying gold to hold in your hand remains the ultimate in ta

Gold is the ultimate insurance against economic and financial difficulties

The words credit crunch send shivers racing down the spines of the majority of the developed world. Whether rich or poor, the fact of the matter is that we are all affected, and entering into financial investments at this tumultuous time can be risky business. But while most investors reel in anger as their bricks and mortar dwindle into negative equity and their stocks lose value quicker than

Nymex records highest daily gold trading volume

A daily volume record was set on November 28th for gold trading at the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex) has announced that The stock exchange for gold said that record volumes of trade were registered for overall gold futures its gold contract on the CME Globex electronic trading platform and total metals futures for Comex, reflecting the resurgence of gold right to the top of the market

Look beyond the US Dollar to see what's really happening in the Gold Market

It has become a knee-jerk reaction for investors to look at the Gold Price in terms of the US Dollar alone, and for commentators to only follow its moves in that currency. There is good reason for this, of course, for the US Dollar is the global reserve currency at present even if it is beginning to look of dubious value today. Why don't we measure gold in a strong currency such as the Euro?

Maktari closes gold bullion deal worth $11.7 billion

Apart from Saudi Arabia's oil and gas reserves, there are believed to be sizeable deposits of other minerals within the Royal Kingdom. Mr M L A Maktari the broker appointed for and on behalf of a private investor within Saudi Arabia has just closed and reserved for the next 3 years gold bullion to the value of just under $11.7 billion. Most of these deposits are within Switzerland as holding is

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