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The essence of the color purple, amethyst is beautiful enough for crown jewels yet affordable enough for class rings.

Purple variety of the mineral quartz, often forms large, six-sided crystals. Fine velvety-colored gems come from African and South American mines. In demand for jewelry at all price points.

Amethyst was as expensive as ruby and emerald until the 19th Century, when Brazil’s large deposits were discovered. It was believed to prevent intoxication—amethystos means “not drunk” in ancient Greek. Today, as the most valued quartz variety, amethyst is in demand for designer pieces and mass-market jewelry alike, and its purple to pastel hues retain wide consumer appeal.
Peridot Earring
Peridot Ring
St. Valentine

The patron of romantic love wore an
amethyst ring carved with the
image of Cupid.

Leonardo Da Vinci

The artist wrote that amethyst quickens intelligence and gets rid of evil thoughts.

164 Pounds

Single amethyst crystals can be huge: the GIA Museum displayed a doubly terminated crystal that weighed 164 pounds.

Assessment of the following characteristics determines amethyst’s value.
Color Diamond

The finest amethyst color is strong reddish purple to purple with no visible color zoning.

Clarity Diamond

Most amethyst doesn’t have inclusions you can see without magnification.

Cut Diamond

Amethyst is cut into a variety of standard calibrated shapes, including rounds and ovals.

carat weight
Carat Weight Diamond

Amethyst is available in all size ranges for setting into a variety of jewelry styles.

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