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Established upon relationships

Our Rolex History

Alter's Gem Jewelry spans three generations over 106 years as a premier luxury jeweler, which means that we care First about why you, our client, enters our store. "Every Rolex tells a story". Trust us to share life's exceptional moments in yours.

Origins of Determination & Strength

Alter's Gem Jewelry was established on relationships. The determination of founder Morris L. Jacobs and the strength he demonstrated allowed him to not only be successful in his first year of operation, but also allowed him to expand very shortly thereafter. During the great depression, WW1, and civil rights era, Morris exhibited many traits of a true leader including his ability to keep progressing in the face of adversity with the help of the relationships he had created with many others.

The introduction of Rolex

Hans Wilsdorf and Nelson Alter shared many of the same qualities of perseverance and were both true visionary leaders. Both men were able to create long lasting names for themselves despite being faced with many hardships in running their businesses. Since the introduction of Rolex to Alter's in 1956, we have cherished the brand and celebrated countless accomplishments and special occasions with our friends and our clients.

A Legacy of Excellence

Alter's is privileged to offer an extensive selection of Rolex inventory. We provide a wealth of information on the prestigious name of Rolex as well as the many ways they are philanthropically involved in our world. Our Rolex Ambassadors are well trained in the Art of Rolex and can help you discover the wonders that originate in the journey of selection for a Rolex timepiece.