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18kt Yellow Vermeil Blue Chalcedony S... Call for Price
Sterling Silver Rose De France Quartz... Call for Price
Blue Sapphire & Diamond Engraved Desi... Call for Price
18kt Yellow Vermeil Multi-Gemstone Ri... Call for Price
Sterling Silver Imitation Garnet "Jan... $43.00
Sterling Silver Imitation Amethyst "F... $43.00
Sterling Silver Rose Chalcedony Stack... $47.00
Sterling Silver 2mm Round Sapphire Ri... $61.00
Sterling Silver 2mm Round Sapphire Ri... $63.00
Sterling Silver 2mm Round Ruby Ring S... $65.00
Sterling Silver 2mm Round Sapphire Ri... $68.00
Sterling Silver 7x5x4mm Amethyst Ring... $68.00
Sterling Silver 7x5x4mm Blue Chalcedo... $68.00
18kt Yellow Vermeil Pink Tourmaline S... $68.00
18kt Yellow Vermeil Swiss Blue Topaz ... $68.00
18kt Yellow Vermeil Amethyst Stackabl... $68.00
18kt Yellow Vermeil Turquoise Stackab... $68.00
Lime Quartz, Peridot & Chrome Diopsid... $70.00
Sterling Silver Onyx Granulated Desig... $70.00

Three of the most popular gemstones rings revered in today’s jewelry marketplace are the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Although many people cherish wearing gemstone rings set with their birthstone, gemstones are treasured by many people for different reasons.

Enchanting gemstone rings make fascinating conversation pieces due to the folklore and legends that have surrounded them for ages. Along with the many legends and folklore that have attached to gemstones for centuries, a variety of different cultures have held an unbending belief that gemstones possess curative and protective powers to those who carry them. With their long lasting mystical charm, gemstone rings have been prized possessions for many generations.

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