Latest designs on Diamond Straight Rings

Latest Designs On Diamond Straight Rings

By: Alter's Gem Jewelry

Well, what do you understand by straight rings? These are bands without the mounting, twists or lent. You just wear the no-fuss bands straight away. Here are some of the latest designs on diamond straight rings:



White gold straight-line jewelry

This is a finish that comes to you with a single strand. The straight-forward look of the band helps you don one, sans the frizzles. The setting takes shape via an intricately designed 14K white gold. To add to the finesse, you have five huge diamond stones studded across the central portion of the band.

Cushion-cut solitaire

You discover yet another trendy model on straight-line rings. The setting is a minimalist one. It is the cushion cut solitaire stone that adds to the aesthetic look of the band. The diamond engagement ring comprises of stones worth 0.20 carats.

Line Ring

Here is a classic styled line ring, you are going to fall in love with. You find the diamond stones neatly decorated on a straight bar. The stones are worth 0.20 carats. The ring is a brand new addition to the delectable collection on casual wear engagement rings. You can have the ring customized using pink, yellow or white gold. Again the gold configuration measures 14/18K.

Rounded Diamond Stone

A little bit of detailing has been added to this particular ring. For an Engagement ceremony, the grandeur has to be felt. The rounded diamond solitaire shimmers through the metal. The stone is worth 0.30 carats, while the setting is a non-curvy one.

Antique Styled Wedding Ring

You can have an oxidized form of sterling silver to make the band resemble a black metal. The antique styled wedding band comes to you with a rounded stone on top. This is an amazing pick that makes, heads turn at you. These are some of the fascinating models on Diamond Straight Rings. Hello Diamonds is a brand new showroom displaying exquisitely designed jewelry on wedding bands, bracelets, pendants and earrings. Click on, to unveil magic.