Exciting Designs on Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Exciting Designs On Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

By: Alter's Gem Jewelry

Engagement rings are the most expensive form of jewelry, a young man looks for, to woo the girl of his life. When he proposes to his lady love, he wants to shower her with something really adorable. Diamond engagement rings mark the beautiful transition between the courtship period and the wedding event that is going to take place. A lot of thought process, goes into the making, while having bridal jewelry or engagement bands designed. We would like to showcase some of the fabulous designs on pink rings: Rose Gold Marquise Cut Rose gold marquise This is a 14K rose gold engagement ring. The ring is brought to you from a designer label named Hello diamonds. The pink ring has a posh halo that holds the marquise shaped diamond stone, in place. This is a truly incredible design you can go for. The ring can be customized using various center stone shapes and sizes. You can make the jewelry using white, yellow, pink gold or even platinum. Stones weight 0.31, in terms of carats used. Unveil the Magic Behind a Rose-Gold Highlighting Rounded Stone rose-gold highlighting rounded stone You have a fantastic 14K rose gold setting, adding a tint of love, through the wedding-based jewelry. You have a rounded diamond stone that acts as a crown on the engagement band. The stone is set using a prong style. The side-stones are worth 0.23 carats. You can customize the engagement band by using other metals like yellow or white gold too. Infinity Ring Infinity ring Discover the true potential of a double-halo engagement ring that showcases a rounded diamond stone. The pink tint adds to the appearance in a great way. The rounded diamond has side-stones that gleam through. The center crown with side-stones form a vintage designing style indeed. You have stones adorned across the remaining portion of the band as well. Oval Diamond Stone Oval diamond stone Add to the glitz and glamour by choosing a pink oval diamond ring. The oval cut highlights the shape of the stone in a fabulous manner. The pink gold setting radiates the jewelry like none other. You have stones adorning the center design cut. You also have side-stones beautifying the band. These are four exciting picks on pink diamond engagement rings. Hello Diamonds deals with bridal jewelry, bracelets, earrings, pendants and lot more. To have a look at the store’s trendy designs online, log on to https://www.hellodiamonds.com/