All About Promise Rings or Purity Rings

All About Promise Rings Or Purity Rings

By: Alter's Gem Jewelry

Promise Ring

A promise ring is a ring that shows a commitment of an individual towards the promise made. This is quite popular among the younger generations of the 21st century.

A promise ring is more adorned than a wedding ring but smaller in size when compared to an engagement ring. Promise rings can be found in diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones. A promise ring signifies two main uses: firstly, a commitment of a lifelong love towards a single partner and commitment to self-abstinence before uniting in holy matrimony.

Reasons to buy a promise ring:

  • Firstly, a promise ring is more affordable than engagement rings, so they are easy on the pocket for young couples who are yet struggling in establishing a career for themselves and help them to save themselves from getting into debts that would be difficult for them to pay off.
  • They are great for young couples who have strong feelings for each other but are not yet ready to enter into matrimony.
  • Promise rings are available for both him and her, as many couples like to wear coordinated promise rings as to show the world about their commitment to each other.
  • Individuals wear promise rings to signify their personal promise to an attainable goal or a personal pledge.
Promise Rings

Best Promise Ring:

  • A ring that sits comfortably on the wearer’s finger is the best promise ring. It should reflect one’s personal style statement. Couples who plan to wear the promise ring for a couple of years should invest in a good quality ring that stays intact and can withstand the daily wear and tear caused by wearing it day in and day out.

Choice of Metal:

  • Promise rings are supposed to be worn for a longer period of time, so it is important to choose the metal wisely.
  • Promise rings made of gold are subtle and usually do not cause any skin irritation.
  • If the expenditure is not a concern for you than investing in a platinum ring should be greatly considered as it looks extremely beautiful and stands the test of wear and tears quite well.
  • Another option would be of choosing rings in sterling silver or even white gold for those who don’t appreciate the look of yellow gold.
Promise Ring


Promise rings can be engraved with a message that signifies the promise on a personal level. They are also less adorned with diamonds and gemstones as they tend to signify the promise in the most subtle way.

Promise rings may be simple in appearance and small in size but they sure are great in the meaning of the promise to the wearer.

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