Tips on How to Take Care of Your Luxury Watches

Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Luxury Watches

By: Alter's Gem Jewelry

Watches are indeed more than just time-telling tools. They are an embodiment of one’s personality, a must-have fashion accessory and a symbol of one’s status in society. Your watch speaks volumes about you and as such, it needs to be maintained for it to last.

Although Luxury Watches are built with the highest standards to last for long, you’ll need to take proper care of yours for it to serve its purpose for long enough. So, how do you take care of your Luxury watch? Below are quick, practical tips on how to keep your precious watch in top shape for years;

Clean Your Watch Using A Clean Cloth and Soapy Water

Although luxury watches are made from premium materials capable of withstanding elements without losing their lustre or coating for years, the bracelets of your watch will pick up dirt, stains, and dust over time. If you don’t get these stains cleaned, they will affect the shiny lustre of your watch undermining its aesthetics.

To get rid of the stains, dirt and any dust on the face of the watch and the strap, soak a clean piece of clothing in soapy water and gently wipe it. Depending on the number of days you wear the watch and the elements you are exposed to, you can wash the time masterpiece once a week to once a month.

Store Your Luxury Watches in a Clean Dry Place

When not wearing your watch, store it away in a clean, dry place preferably in its original containing box. Any good jeweler will sell you a high-quality watch with its original watch box, and you should use this to keep your watch safe when not in use.

Screw the Watch’s Crown Properly

Every Luxury Watches has an oyster case which makes the watch waterproof and prevents entry of dust and other dirt. For the watch to be completely waterproof, the crown needs to be properly screwed especially after you have reset the time or manually wound the watch. It is easy to screw the crown into position and if you are not sure, do not hesitate to ask your jeweler. A good jeweler will guide you on how to screw the Oyster case and ensure that your watch is completely waterproof.

Wear Your Watch Regularly

Luxury watches were designed to be worn regularly. Even if you own an extensive collection of watches, ensure that you don’t let your watch sit idle for too long. Some models will stop running to retain their charge, and one needs to wind them manually before they start working again. If you care about your luxury watch repair and the investment, use the tips above to keep it running for many years.