Guide To Choose Perfect Pair Of Diamond Earrings

Diamonds earrings are not just a fashion statement but truly an extension of one’s personality. The type of diamond earrings you choose not only adds a jazz to your outlook but also gives a cue about your personality. For every woman possession of diamonds is like a collection of stars that she can behold forever.

To find that perfect pair of earrings for her it is important to choose a style that suits her face cut well and accentuates her beauty. There is an array of designs in diamond earrings to choose from; right from the fashionable hoop earrings that are available in different sizes to danglers to drop earrings et al. Here’s throwing a little spotlight on the type of earrings and the face cut it suits most and enlighten all men and women as to which earrings they should buy keeping in mind the wearers face cut.

Drop Earrings

Hoop Earrings: These earrings are mostly circular in shape and available in different sizes right from the radius of a penny to that of a bangle. Hoop earrings suit best on Diamond shaped faces that have prominent bones as well as on square faces and accentuates its natural beauty.

Danglers: Earrings that dangle below the earlobe are called danglers. These earrings usually consist of a string of diamonds from small to large. They usually compliment all face types but particularly enhances the beauty of round shaped faces.

Heart Earrings

Drop earrings: These earrings dangle just below the earlobe. These classy pair of earrings is mostly set in solitaires and cluster diamonds. They suit all face types and are usually the safe buys as well.

Diamond Studs: Studs adorn the earlobe. Diamond studs should be chosen based on the size of the earlobe. Smaller earlobe small diamonds and for prominent earlobes bigger diamonds or clusters will suit best.

Now as we have enlightened you as to which diamond earrings to buy, then just hurry and take your pick and wow her with your choice.

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Diamond Bracelets Make Perfect Gifts Anytime

There is no better feeling in the world than being in love with the person you plan on spending the rest of your life with. The butterflies seem to never go away and every little thing he does truly puts a smile on your face. When he shows up with little gifts from time to time “just because,” you just cannot believe how lucky you are to have found this perfect man. There is nothing wrong with receiving diamond bracelets periodically throughout the year!

Diamond Bracelets

Diamond Bracelets

Your local jeweler will likely have a vast selection of diamond bracelets for him for women to choose from. Here he can browse all kinds of designs and even pick up a little something for himself. This is turning out to be quite a win win situation for you both! At your next big event or social gathering, you can show off your new jewelry you both received. Everyone will certainly comment on how lovely it is and want to know where they can get some.

Bangle Bracelets

Bangle Bracelets

At the end of the day, your collection of diamond bracelets will be the talk of the town. You can thank your lovely husband or boyfriend for buying you such beautiful gifts!

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Tips for Buying Diamond, Gold and Silver Jewelry

They say that everybody needs a hobby; mine is buying other people’s junk. I’m not like some of the people you see on television (neither in how I buy it or that I horde it) but I do spend most of my weekends going to tag sales, flea markets, estate sales and other places. I’m pretty judicious with what I buy, and if I don’t think I can sell if for a profit or want it for my house, I’ll pass. Lately I’ve been buying lots of jewelry to take advantage of the cash for gold rush that seems to happening, and I’d like to pass along a couple of tips for buying gold and silver jewelry.

As you may have noticed, many places are offering cash for jewelry and asking you to sell jewelry for cash. The reason for this is that supply is nowhere meeting demand, so they are looking for diamond, gold, silver and other precious metals anywhere they can find it. It’s important to remember the people that are offering cash for jewelry aren’t doing it to resell the jewelry, but simply to get the raw materials.

This means when I am out at a sale and I come across some jewelry that feels like the real thing but is broken or otherwise damaged, I’m not afraid to make an offer. The jewelry store that does my gold buying from me isn’t concerned with the condition of the jewelry so neither am I. They’re happy to get rid of jewelry they don’t want and I potentially have a decent profit sitting in my hands.

Cash For Gold

Cash For Gold

That is the second of my tips for buying diamond, gold and silver jewelry. Obviously you aren’t going to be able to pick up a diamond and gold necklace and know how much cash for gold it is going to be worth, but you are at least going to have a sense that it is the type of stuff that a place looking to give cash for jewelry would want. I have made a few bad guesses over the years and ended up with gold plated jewelry (not worth what I paid for it) but overall I have managed to make a decent amount of additional money, all because I followed some basic tips for buying diamond, gold and silver jewelry.

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Diamond Engagement Rings and The Days Following The Proposal

Diamond engagement rings are many girls dream piece of jewelry. They want nothing more than to get married, have babies and be secure in their lives. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but you should definitely make sure you are getting married for the right reasons instead of simply filling the open slot for a man in your grand scheme of life. It will not be perfect all the time and you will certainly need to make some compromises along the way. If you go into the marriage being optimistic and willing to bend a little to reach common ground, you should be in store for a lifetime of love and happiness.

Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

After you receive your diamond engagement ring you will want to sit down with your betrothed and discuss your dreams. This does not mean you are discussing the final arrangements for your wedding day, but it does mean you can fantasize about what your wedding would look like if money were no option. Since you are probably like most people and will have a very strict budget, you will understand these are just fantasies and will not come true. However, it does give you a great idea as to the when and where aspect of the planning process.

People will want to see your diamond engagement ring. Many women post pictures of their ring all over Facebook and other social media outlets, but other women may not agree with that. Whatever you decide is fine, but just make sure you are ready to show people your engagement ring when you go out in public. This means you get to have a legitimate excuse to get a manicure! While you are there, you may as well get a pedicure, too! No one wants to be distracted by your jagged cuticles when they really just want to see a glorious ring instead. Spare everyone and treat yourself to a mani/pedi in the days following the proposal.

After your diamond engagement ring is slipped on your finger and you are excited to be his wife soon, get that ring insured before you do anything else! You simply must do this! Heaven forbid something happen to your precious ring, but just in case it does, you want to know you are protected no matter what. This will also allow you to enjoy your ring more without worrying about it being lost or damaged.

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How To Get The Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings

Shopping for engagement rings is such an individualized process. What you are looking for will not be the exact same thing the next person is looking for, for example. This can make finding resources on the subject that are legitimately helpful a difficult task. Since everyone is different in terms of taste as well as budget, we need to look at the broader picture in order to talk about the things that can make shopping for rings easier – for everyone involved. Here are a few great ways to optimize your time when you are trying to make this decision.

Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring

Do your research. I don’t just mean in terms of metals, diamond cuts, and other technical concepts that accompany this type of purchase, although it’s incredibly important to have a starting point so you can ask your local jeweler lots of questions and really narrow down what it is you’re looking for. It’s also important to do your research at home. Ask your partner what kind of jewelry they like, if you don’t already know. Make sure that if they – or you – have a metal allergy, you know what kind of metals are hypoallergenic. These will be your ticket to making a selection that is long lasting in terms of wear ability. Pay attention to the kind of aesthetic they enjoy as well. For example, do they tend to like things that are very simple and offset by accent pieces in the design? Do they value complexity in their jewelry? What about your own taste? Finding a marriage of your two tastes is the most rewarding experience and encapsulates the concept of distinct individuals finding harmony and union with one another. Keep this in mind when investigating various types of design options.

Buying diamond rings presents a few other unique problems as well. For example, there are countless media representations of engagements where characters seem to only be concerned about the size of the diamond itself. This actually perpetuates a myth – the size of a diamond does not determine the value itself. In fact, larger diamonds might even be less valuable than smaller ones, as a diamond’s true value depends on several different factors. Make sure you aren’t bee-lining for the largest diamond in the store! A truly special and valuable ring may test your existing expectations for what it is that makes it a great ring.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring

Finally, remember that jewelers are there to answer your questions. Do not be afraid to ask them anything that comes to mind. The right ring is worth the tediousness of the shopping process – and nothing compares to the look on your significant other’s face when they see their ring for the first time. This is going to be an expensive purchase that will serve as an investment in your relationship and your new life together going forward, and that means that you want to be very sure about your purchase. The best jewelers are going to be more than happy to help guide you through the process.

Looks For Sales When Shopping For Engagement Rings

There are many different kinds of engagement rings on the market today. When you visit your local jewelry store, you will see many shiny rings that will certainly catch your eye. Even if you know nothing about jewelry or diamonds, you will know what looks pretty to you. You do not have to know the specifics of the piece of jewelry to know that you think it is stunning.

If you and your boyfriend have discussed getting married, then you may want to visit a jewelry store, just for fun, so you can point out what designs you prefer. This will give him a good idea as to what you want to wear on your finger for the rest of your lie. No pressure guys!

Diamond Engagement Rings Beaumont, TX

Diamond Engagement Rings

Just because your budget is not ten thousand dollars does not mean you can’t have an amazing engagement ring in your finger. There are many tricks and also many great deals you can receive if you just pay close attention to what is happening around you. You may even want to sign up for some jewelry store emailing chains so you can be notified when the sales begin. When Valentine’s Day rolls around, you can bet diamond engagement rings will be discounted.

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Understanding Engagement Ring Styles

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The Rise and Revival of Yellow Gold Wedding Bands

Somewhat overshadowed by the lately appreciated exuberance of white gold and platinum (not to mention the new kid on the block – palladium), yellow gold took the back seat for the better half of the last decade. But tides are turning in its favor as excited couples look back to yellow gold for its timeless appeal.

Rachael Taylor from The Jewellery Editor thinks yellow gold is all set to make its comeback to the foremost. Here is what she has to say.

The comeback king: yellow gold is back in vogue

It’s warm, bold and definitely gold. And many brides are opting for yellow gold when it comes to selecting the hue of their wedding bands.

There has long been a preference for white metal wedding bands – either white gold or platinum – as it is often considered a neutral colour that will hold its style. The status quo, however, is shifting.

“What I’m seeing from hallmarking figures is that yellow is the colour, and white is declining,” says Stella Layton, who broke a 240-year tradition in 2014 by becoming the first female assay master to lead the Birmingham Assay Office in the UK. Every piece of jewellery sold in the UK has to be hallmarked at one of the UK’s four assay offices – although Sheffield, London and Edinburgh also run assay offices – and each one is catalogued.

White Gold Alters

While Layton is referring to precious jewellery trends in general, as the official hallmarking figures record the technicalities of a piece of jewellery rather than its purpose, she believes that “more yellow is apparent” in the huge number of wedding rings that flow through the Assay Office every day. Layton’s office is in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter, where a number of jewellery makers have reported that yellow gold jewellery is increasingly in vogue.

One of the largest manufacturers of British-made wedding rings in the Jewellery Quarter is Domino, and there, too, demand for yellow gold is on the rise. “After years of white on white there is definitely a bit more colour creeping in,” says Patrick Fuller, who founded Domino more than 30 years ago and believes that brides are becoming much more adventurous in their bridal jewellery choices. “The market is more open to yellow gold than it once was, and there is no doubt that there is much more demand for it.”

One of the main reasons that has kept white metal as the number one choice for brides is that it is so complementary to diamonds, which can suck up the colour of their settings – although the effects are minimal when viewed with the naked eye. However, for a diamond with a lower colour grade, a yellow gold setting could make it appear a shade or two less bright. To navigate around this, while embracing yellow gold, Fuller says he believes there will be a trend this year for yellow gold wedding bands with platinum settings.

But for many, the contrast between ice-white diamonds and rich yellow gold is a draw, making diamond-set yellow gold jewellery a popular choice.

In the Ice Cube range of Chopard jewellery, a small diamond has been set in a yellow gold wedding band, while the De Beers Infinity wedding band crosses a swathe of plain, polished yellow gold with another studded with round diamonds, which shows that bold, yellow gold can be elegant too.  

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Before You Sell Gold

Before you start on your gold selling spree, pause a while and research any precautions that you might have to take. Even if you’re a seasoned casual seller, there is always something new or old that has escaped our grasp and now is a perfect time to freshen up on the latest trends.

If you’re not careful, you may end up losing a lot of potential profits. You want to avoid that and this is what you need to learn before you sell gold.

Visit local stores

Start at the nearest gold shop. Ask around for the current prices and expected future shifts. Get the value of your gold estimated by local jewelers. It will give you an idea of the prices you should ask for. Visit at least three stores and compare the estimates to clear any doubts.

Avoid shady buyers

There is no scarcity of shade in the jewelry business. You can expect hawkers from other cities offering high prices in return for your gold but not everybody’s intentions are good. Before you deal with a buyer, read up all you can about them on their website and check with the business bureaus and industry establishments from where they are or claim to be from. Do not blindly trust any buyer or their estimations. Many people end up being paid much less than what they’ve had their jewelry appraised for.


Organize before you display

Organize your jewelry by karats and condition before you show it to a buyer. You don’t want to keep different karat jewelry together. It’s not unusual to be paid for only the estimates of the lowest karat item in your collection. Don’t fall for any of that gobbledygook.

 Don’t leave anything to others

It’s your responsibility to make sure that your gold I weighed, categorized and appraised correctly. Make sure that you’re getting paid for the same units that your gold is weighed in. Pay attention to the weighing scale.

Always check credentials

No matter who you’re buying from, you should never fail to ask a buyer for his credentials. Remember, it’s part of the trade. You must, as well, have your credentials ready to share with the buyer. In case you aren’t asked for credentials, verify as to why. A buyer who’ll buy from anybody is not doing it right and it’s up to you to find out if something shady is going on.

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Citrine: All You Need to Know about the November Birthstone

While all of you have heard and sang songs about the enticing nature of diamonds, not everyone pays attention to the lesser known gemstones that make up the diversity of modern jewelry. It has, however, been a subject of much study among circles well-versed with fluctuations in the history of jewelry, owing to the fact that mass preference changes drastically and sometimes very suddenly. One very less known but much praised gemstone is November’s very own birthstone – citrine.

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The name “citrine” was officially adopted in 1556 when German metallurgist Georg Bauer, known to some as “the father of modern mineralogy,” used it in a publication about gemstones and jewelry. The word “citrine” has a few potential sources, all related to citrus fruits. The most likely root of this word is from the old French word citron, meaning “yellow,” or the Latin word citrus, in reference to citrus fruit. Around the 17th century, both citrine and smoky quartz were called “cairngorm” after their source in the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland. “Madeira citrine” is the term used for the orangey-brown citrines, so named because they share their color with Madeira wine.

Citrine is very closely related to violet amethyst another variety of macrocrystalline quartz. The only difference between citrine and amethyst is the oxidation level of iron ions (Fe3) present in colorless quartz crystal. When quartz is heated, iron impurities are reduced, resulting in less violet-purple color and more golden to orange colors. Ametrine is the natural bicolor combination of both golden citrine and violet amethyst in a single specimen.

Identifying Citrine

Citrine can be easily identified through its distinct quartz properties. It is one of the few gemstones which naturally occur in golden to yellow colors. Other similar colored stones are typically much harder (sapphire and topaz) or much softer (sphalerite and sphene). Golden Beryl and Tourmaline can also often cause confusion.

Natural citrine quartz derives its attractive golden color from the presence of iron impurities. It has a specific chemical formula of SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide), a density of 2.60 to 2.70 and a refractive index of 1.544 to 1.553, all of which can help distinguish citrine from other similar materials.

Some useful information about Citrines:

  • Chemistry: SiO2.
  • Colour: various shades of golden yellow and orange
  • Mohs scale: hardness 7
  • Luster: Vitreous
  • Cleavage: None
  • Transparency: Transparent to translucent
  •   Refractive index: 1.544-1.553

Citrine Origin and Gemstone Sources:

Brazil is the worlds leading supplier for Citrine. Other sources include Argentina, Bolivia, France, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Uruguay and Zambia.

Citrine History

Citrine has been used ornamentally on tools and in jewelry for thousands of years. In ancient Greece, the stone now known as citrine first gained popularity as a decorative gem during the Hellenistic Age, roughly between 300 and 150 B.C. In the 17th century, Scottish weapon makers used citrine to adorn dagger handles, sometimes even using a single large citrine crystal as the handle itself.

 In Europe, the boom on these yellow to reddish crystal quartzs didn’t begin until, in the 1930s, expatriate agate cutters from Idar-Oberstein sent large quantities of citrine back home, along with amethyst and agate, from Brazil and Uruguay.

The supply of Europe with sufficient raw material came just at the right moment for the nascent upheaval in social conditions. As the bourgeoisie grew in strength, the demand for jewellery across a broader spectrum of social strata also grew, and the citrine found a permanent niche for itself. Since until then it was really only the topaz which was known and used as a gold-coloured gemstone, the yellow and brown crystal quartzes quickly became very popular among the ladies, being known as gold topaz or smoky topaz, or by the double-barrelled names that proclaimed their origin. However, they were also found in step and table cuts as cuff-links and rings in the evening wardrobe of fine gentlemen. At the beginning, perhaps, the notion “it’s all on the surface” may have played a part. But there was no other stone to which the wrong name clung as doggedly as the citrine. Even now, jewellery enthusiasts with no specialist knowledge may be astounded when you tell them that their ‘gold topaz’ is a citrine, in other words not a topaz at all, but quartz.

Buying a Citrine – How to determine a Citrine gemstone value?

1. Citrine Colour

Natural untreated citrine is typically pale yellow to golden in color and often accompanied by smoky brownish tones. Deeper colors can occur ranging from golden orange to rich gold-brown. Darker colors are typically considered more desirable than lighter lemon colors. Heated Citrine (amethyst or smoky quartz) will typically exhibit a reddish tint.

2. Citrine Clarity and Luster

Citrine is known to occur with excellent transparency. Eye-clean specimens are quite common leaving little reason to buy Citrine stones with visible inclusions. Citrine has an attractive vitreous luster when cut and polished.

3. Citrine Cut and Shape

Citrine is almost always faceted. Round brilliants and ovals are most common as these cuts tends to maximize color and dispersion. Step cuts (emerald cut) and other fancy cuts, such as scissor-cut or Portuguese-cut are also quite popular. Citrine gemstones can be found available in just about every shape imaginable, including pears, squares, trillions, rounds, ovals, cushions and heart shapes.

4. Citrine Treatment


Natural unheated citrine is becoming increasingly rare. Many of the citrine stones available today are heat-treated amethyst or smoky quartz. Often times, treated citrine is heated right at the mining source. The color change is considered both permanent and stable.

November’s Birthstone and 13th Wedding Anniversary

Citrine is often used as a birthstone of November (along with topaz) and it is the official 13th wedding anniversary gemstone. It is also considered the official Stone of Virgo. To achieve the most benefit from your crystal, wear the stone in contact with the skin, especially the targeted area.

Citrine Meaning & Properties

Citrine has been called the “stone of the mind”. Ancient cultures believed that placing a citrine on the forehead of an elder would increase his psychic power.

Citrine is known as the lucky “Merchants Stone”, owed to the fact that many businesses will keep citrine in their cash registers for good fortune. According to many legends, citrine is able dissipate negative energy and eliminate negative energy.

Citrine is sometimes used by healers to help with digestion as it is considered beneficial to the endocrine and digestive system – cleansing, purifying and eliminating poisons that have built up. Some use it to help relieve depression, digestive problems (including constipation and diabetes).

Citrine Caring and Cleaning

Citrine, like all quartz, is considered very durable, but there are still a number of other gem types capable of scratching Citrine, including Topaz, Spinel, Sapphire and Diamond.

Take caution by not wearing or storing other gems near each other, especially when engaging in physical activities like sports, exercise or even household chores. Cleaned your citrine using a mild soap and warm water. You can wipe them down using a soft cloth or brush. Be sure to rinse them well to remove any soapy residue.

As with almost all colored stones, harsh chemicals are not recommended, especially bleach and acids. Ultrasonic cleaners are typically considered safe for citrine, but steamers should be avoided owed to their sensitivity to heat. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct light or extreme temperature conditions. When storing Citrine, wrap them in a soft cloth and place them inside a fabric-lined box.

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