The Timeless Classic of Cuff Bracelet

For most people, the heat and humidity is a great excuse to adopt a less is more thinking of dresses and simple shorts and tanks. The change to simplicity can be noticed in the choices of summer jewelry.

The summer jewelry trend revolves around gorgeous metals- gold, sterling silver and rose gold use in tiny stackable thin rings and statement cuff bracelets. The trend continues for mixing metal like the traditional pairing of gold and sterling silver or pairing rose gold for a new twist on an old favorite.

Never Goes Out Of Style

The world of fashion adds a twist on jewelry each summer. In a few years, it could be an ombre effect for the hair or clothing or the re-birth of the favourites of cut-off shorts, tanks and sandals. When it comes to jewelry, the summer trend for jewelry is all about cuff bracelet. The re-birth of tie-dye or surfer shirts and board shorts is a trend that is sure to stay in fashion for a long time.
The popularity of the cuff bracelet’s goes right back to approximately 7,000 years ago. The classic piece of jewelry was a status symbol for the royal people among the Incans, Mayans, Romans and Egyptians. The cuffs, jewelled and crafted of the finest metals, symbolizes a person’s place in society.

silver cuff bracelets


Till this day, archaeologists are still discovering early evidence of fashionable cuff everywhere from the Egypt sands to the ancient Mayan cities of Yaxchilan, Tikal, Copan and Palenque. Even though metal cuffs were quite popular, Greek soldiers wore a leather version of the cuff bracelet to protect themselves going into battle and in most parts of the worlds, most passed into the afterlife decorated in symbolic cuff bracelets.

The Cuff as Fashion Statement

Several years later, the cuff continues to be redesigned, by some of the most well-known fashion icons. Even several jewelry designers continue to redesign the cuff bracelet in several styles and materials. Right from braided bracelets to the studded leather cuffs in the 1970s, the cuff bracelet is still an undeniable fashion favourite, making it an all-season jewelry staple.

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Religious Charms: Jewelry of Religious Faith

The expression of religious faith is a bit of a challenge in today’s culture. Some Christians believe in showing how serious they are about their faith. The perfect way of expressing who your faith, is to use a simple expression of what you believe in that balances a sense of style.

One of the most popular trends for this is religious charm bracelets. There are several types of religious jewelry and most popular are the cross. In fact, everywhere we look, we see someone wearing a cross pendant or a charm bracelet.
While a cross is one of the popular kinds of charms, medallions are another favourite religious piece of charms, people are often seen wearing. The medallion is a piece of jewelry that comes in a metal relief bearing the image of a Christian saint.

There are several reasons why religious charms are popular in the Christian community.

  • Customizable: Apart from a necklace or simple bracelet, religious charm bracelets can be customized. No matter what bracelet you buy, you can make it your own based on your faith, heritage and style.

religious charms

  • Strong Expressions of Faith: Whether you have a charm with Blessed Virgin Mary or a simple image of the cross, these bracelets are a soft expression of love and devotion.

religious faith pendants

  • Multi-Dimensional Accessories: They can be mixed and matched with certain kinds of clothing on specific occasions, religious charm bracelets go with everything.

charm bracelets

No one knows for sure what power lies behind religious charms. People who wear it for religious reasons are happy with the internal sense of security. Cross or medallions, it doesn’t matter as what makes a difference in a person’s life are his thoughts, actions and beliefs. Religious Charms are perfect and there are several to select one for your perfect outfit.

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Designing a Diamond Engagement Ring with Loose Diamonds

Great! You are going to propose to your girl, but first the ring. If you have thought about buying loose diamonds to design the diamond ring, it is the best choice ever. You can decide on the setting that will present the stone beautifully once you have bought the diamond first. Make sure you have done your research properly and know what you need to look for before you buy a loose diamond.

It could be the first time you are buying certified loose diamonds. It is easy to familiarize yourself with the quality of a diamond before you buy it. You will enjoy buying loose diamond even more as you learn more about them. So, when learning about diamonds start with the 4C’s- color, cut, clarity and carat weight. If you have a doubt, ask the jeweler for advice. Select a loose diamond that speaks volumes about her personality. It will mean a lot to her.

When thinking about the 4C’s, each category is graded in a diamond you are looking at. You will have an advantage when it comes to buying loose diamonds as you would have an understanding of the basics of diamonds.



The cut is an important feature of a diamond. It has a great impact on the appearance and attraction of a diamond. Even if its machine cut or cut by hand, the diamond cut creates its shapes and facets. A diamond’s cut is not its shape. The diamond can be cut in shapes like heart, pear, oval, marquis, pear or round. The amount of light reflected form the diamond is determined by its cut.



The color is often referred to the diamond’s absence of color. The most common color is white. Grade D is the highest color grade a diamond can have while Z is the lowest. Hello Diamonds have high-quality loose diamonds with color grades from D to J.



The absence of the inclusions and flaws defines the clarity of a diamond. The absence of these marks is rare and it does affect the value of a diamond. An IF or FL is the highest clarity grade for a diamond.



The measurement of how heavy or light diamonds are, is defined as the carat weight of a diamond. Even though it is a measurement of weight, it is often thought of as the size of a diamond.

You should look for Certified Loose Diamonds when buying them. The diamonds have been graded by a third-party laboratory to decide the quality of the stone. Hello Diamonds sells only Gemological Institute of America certified diamonds.

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Symbol of Love and Equality of Men’s Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings are the perfect symbol of love and loyalty. They showcase a promise made between two people and the idea of getting married and spending the rest of their lives together.

The ring is a reminder of the love and affection that is present between the couple. The exchanging of rings shows the equality of the couples. The couple is bound and valued, the presence of the rings on each of their hands shows their commitment to each other.

Gents Fashion Rings

If one were to compare engagement rings, it is safe to say that men’s engagement rings are simpler and sturdier. The rings have two or more shades of precious metals to create a unique pattern. The most commonly used metals are gold and platinum, but titanium is becoming popular as well. One of the most classic styles of engagement rings for men is textured patterns and two-tone gold bands. Most of these rings are simple, brushed with platinum or white gold bands are a perfect choice and provide elegance.

Patterned rings often weave rose and white gold for a rich lustrous effect. Diamond studs or a row of channel-set diamonds can make a simply polished band sparkle, Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are the perfect choices for an engagement ring. The edges of the rings can be curved or flat, creating right angles to the sides of the ring. The best fit is the comfort fit that has rounded edges, which could make the perfect choice for men. You can try on various kinds of rings to see what fits the best.

mens rings TX

Men’s rings are supposed to be bigger and heavier than women’s engagement rings, it lets them symbol a masculine appearance. The rings remind them of how much their better half loves them. When it comes to the prices of the rings, they are almost the same, the difference in the cost diamonds or gemstones in women’s ring is offset by the weight of the metal used in the rings for men.

There are so many choices when it comes to selecting men’s rings. So, in case you want to know more about the jewelry piece, you can ask your jeweler to show his collection of Men’s Rings.

Styles of Anniversary Bands

When it comes to choosing for the anniversary gift or when you want to upgrade your wedding ring or band, there are a few options you can select from. You can go for a big diamond band look all the way.

These milestones are precious moments in your life. You want the anniversary band you get represents the happy place you are in your life. So, choose one that celebrates the number of years spent together.

Anniversary Bands by Years

Over the years, most couples have always followed the traditional list of anniversary gifts which include: sapphire on their fifth, diamonds for their tenth and gold to celebrate fifty years.

An anniversary band is the best way to celebrate the years spent with each other. There are a few bands for each year that include:

1 Year: Gold

gold anniversary bands

The first year is filled with memories. The perfect gift will be a white or yellow gold band. For a different look, you could select rose gold.

5 Years: Sapphire


sapphire anniversary bands



Sapphires symbolize truth and loyalty. They are the traditional gemstone to celebrate a five year anniversary. Sapphires can suit several styles as they are available in various colors. With the anniversary band, you could always give your better half a lovely pendant or earrings.

10 Years: Diamonds

diamond anniversary bands

10 years is a milestone, so to celebrate this special occasion, you can choose the perfect diamond anniversary band. Diamonds are precious and beautiful. It reminds you of the special day the both of you exchanged rings.

Selecting an Anniversary Band

When it comes to selecting a band, you could one similar to your wedding or engagement ring. If you want your anniversary band to be a little different, you can always have your child’s birthstone.

Final Thoughts

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Decision Making about Buying Certified Diamonds

Most customers who shop for jewelry know that they should buy from a store that to sells only certified diamonds. There are a few people understand the difference between certified diamond and non-certified diamond. Shopping for certified diamond is a benefit in itself.

Just like you get certificates in schools or university, evaluating the grades and legitimacy of your degree, diamonds are certified based on the 4C’s: color, cut, clarity and carat. The certificate of a diamond shows the grading for each of the 4C’s. Certified diamonds give you peace of mind.


Technically, an uncertified diamond is the same as certified diamonds, though the former does not come with legal paperwork nor issues any grading information. There is nothing that can prove the quality, grade, accuracy or authenticity of the diamond. However, one can send an uncertified diamond to the diamond laboratory and get it certified.

There is a common misconception that the value of an uncertified diamond is inferior than to a certified diamond. Both the diamonds may have the same value or grade, though the cost of a certified diamond is higher than the uncertified ones due to the certification cost. Since, an uncertified diamond lacks the written guarantee, there is a risk as you might end up paying more than what the actual worth of the diamond suggests.

Certified Vs Non-Certified Diamonds


Certified diamonds have been analyzed by GIA and have been given an identification number and certificate. Non-certified diamonds are not evaluated by GIA. It is speculated by a retailer. The retailer will tell you all about the clarity, color, carat. Certified diamonds are natural and have higher quality stones.

Advantages of Shopping for Certified Diamonds


A diamond certification will give you peace of mind. You can educate yourself more about diamonds. You will learn about the characteristics of a diamond once you understand the different criteria given on the diamond grading report.
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Diamond Earrings to Suit Your Ears

Diamond stud earrings are small and perfect for all kinds of occasions. Women, men and kids could wear these earrings alone or match them with another piece of jewelry. These earrings can be bought as gifts for engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or you can buy them yourself.

Buying your first pair of Diamond Earrings can be overwhelming. All you need to do is, find the perfect earrings that suit your ears.

Look for Different Cuts

The cut of the diamonds gives them their signature sparkle. Diamond Stud Earrings have several cuts associated with it like
• The round cut has round edges
• The princess cut has a square shape
• The brilliant cut has angled facets at the bottom and a diamond crown on top.

ball earrings

The Carat Size

The weight of the diamond is determined by its carat. The carat of the stud diamond earrings could range from .10 to 2.5 carat. You can find other weights as well. Kids with sensitive ear lobes should select small carat size earrings as it won’t hurt their ears.

Clarity and Color

There are several hues for diamonds like yellow, pink, black and blue. Clear diamonds are said to be the purest. Clarity is often referred to the “IF” and “FL” of a diamond, which is its grades. The diamonds are evaluated by the Gemological Institute of America. The tools used are designed to study the diamonds clarity in detail.

Matching Them with Other Accessories

Most women like wearing studs alone and most like matching them with their bracelets, necklaces and rings. Jewelry sets are for those who love to mix and match accessories they have.

hoop earrings in Texas

Settings for The Diamond Earrings

The earrings for both men and women include bases made of metals like silver, gold and platinum. The bases come in various settings like bezel, crown and prong. Bazel settings have a rim around the stone. Prong settings have at least 3-8 prongs. Crown settings have a distinctive look as they have a crown shape.

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Gold for Cash is Simpler than Usual

At any age, we all love receiving presents whatever the occasion. The only thing that changes over time is the maturity to realize that there is no room left in the house, not without getting rid of the old stuff. It is a lot simpler to get rid of clothes we do not wear anymore. There is a place for all of it and you can easily get gold for cash.

cash for gold

Thanks to the commercials people see on TV or the ads they read in the papers or online, they are aware of gold the opportunity of selling gold for cash. With the increase in demand for gold, the local jewelry stores have begun offering cash for gold.

Hello Diamonds offers the best gold buying services for customers who walk through their doors. It gives people a sense of comfort to see faces they can trust when selling their jewelry. Hello Diamonds are happy to make the process as easy as they can. You can simply take your jewelry you don’t wear anymore to the store and have it weighed. Whatever the weight is in grams, those many dollars will be in your pocket.


It can only take a few minutes and you can have a lot more money in your pockets than when you walked into the store. Bring in your old jewelry and get Gold for Cash. If you have any more questions or doubts about selling gold for cash, then you can get in touch with Hello Diamonds. Visit (Hello Diamonds) or call 409-861-3005.

Story of Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose Gold jewelry is in resurgence nowadays. What was liked as a gemstone in ornaments has comeback with its glory looking for a place in today’s jewelry. If you only know one of a kind rose gold jewelry, then you are looking at a new and surprising revelation.

Bracelets to Brooches

A variety is being added to the present rose gold jewelry. The stones are ornamenting the pieces of jewelry with a spirituality that the stones symbolize right from rings to brooches to earrings to bracelets. The rose gold jewelry is a combination of period and contemporary. The designs showcase the elegance of modern jewelry while the stones spell heritage.

rose gold bracelets

Rose Gold Diamond Rings

The lustrous shine of golf and copper makes it a unique choice for diamond engagement ring settings. Amongst the classic solitaire designs, vintage-inspired rings and the glamourous halo settings, the rose gold diamonds are the most attractive.

rose gold rings Texas

Rose Gold Morganite Rings

Morganites are precious for their attractive clarity and brilliance. Pink and Blush shades are seen in morganites are even more attractive when matched with a delicate rose gold setting. The rose gold morganite rings, with its blush tones and shine, are a popular choice.

rose gold diamond rings

History and Style of Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold is created with gold and copper alloy. When it became fashionable in Russia, it was called the “Russian gold”. This jewelry makes an ideal contrast against the cold fire of the brilliant cut. Jewelers these days are focusing on the diamond’s cut.

Rose Gold Jewelry has become well known due to its versatility. The color rose gold can be matched with yellow and white gold. A ring, for instance could fit into any ring set easily. The jewelry can be elegant, delicate and stylish when matched with a trendy outfit.

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Past, Present and Future of 3 Stone Rings

A love of the past, present and future that will last forever. Known as trilogy, trinity or infinity rings, rich and elegant in meaning, the 3- stone ring is a symbol of love. The stone in the center, a symbol of the present and the center of attraction of the ring, is the biggest. The past and future are symbolized through the stones on both sides of the ring.

The diamonds can be the stones in this setting or the gemstones can be the center or side stones. Special occasions are celebrated with this ring. Christians often interpret this ring as a symbol of the father, the son and holy spirit. Promise, dedication and the passing of time are celebrated with the 3-stone rings. The symbol of affection make gorgeous pendants as well. As much as the ring symbolizes love, every bride should want to wear the ring for 3 reasons:

1. It represents your love story

Behind every ring is a sweet love story. Make your love story even more precious by adding either your favorite gemstone or birthstone in the design of the ring. It a perfect opportunity to include your children (if you have any)’s birthstone in the ring. Whatever you choose, the designs of the 3-Stone Engagement Ring are meant to celebrate your past, present and future with your love.

three stone engagement rings

2. More Diamonds equals to more sparkle

The 3-stone ring will sparkle a lot more with triple diamonds and the ability to use your favorite gemstones.

3. Unique and Can Be Customized According to Your Style

The style of the ring is perfect for a bride who loves more than one diamond cut and color. It is perfect to use gemstones like a favorite colored stone.

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