Latest designs on Diamond Straight Rings

Well, what do you understand by straight rings? These are bands without the mounting, twists or lent. You just wear the no-fuss bands straight away.
Here are some of the latest designs on diamond straight rings:



White gold straight-line jewelry

This is a finish that comes to you with a single strand. The straight-forward look of the band helps you don one, sans the frizzles. The setting takes shape via an intricately designed 14K white gold. To add to the finesse, you have five huge diamond stones studded across the central portion of the band.

Cushion-cut solitaire

You discover yet another trendy model on straight-line rings. The setting is a minimalist one. It is the cushion cut solitaire stone that adds to the aesthetic look of the band. The diamond engagement ring comprises of stones worth 0.20 carats.

Line Ring

Here is a classic styled line ring, you are going to fall in love with. You find the diamond stones neatly decorated on a straight bar. The stones are worth 0.20 carats. The ring is a brand new addition to the delectable collection on casual wear engagement rings. You can have the ring customized using pink, yellow or white gold. Again the gold configuration measures 14/18K.

Rounded Diamond Stone

A little bit of detailing has been added to this particular ring. For an Engagement ceremony, the grandeur has to be felt. The rounded diamond solitaire shimmers through the metal. The stone is worth 0.30 carats, while the setting is a non-curvy one.

Antique Styled Wedding Ring

You can have an oxidized form of sterling silver to make the band resemble a black metal. The antique styled wedding band comes to you with a rounded stone on top. This is an amazing pick that makes, heads turn at you.
These are some of the fascinating models on Diamond Straight Rings.

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Tips to Receive hot Cash For Gold

When you want to realize the maximum value for your jewelry, these are interesting tips you follow. Receiving hot cash for gold can then be hassle-free thing.

Taking you through these:

Start investing in gold

You can approach a renowned investment banker to help you fetch maximum money for your gold. Instead of buying ready-made jewelry, and then losing out heavily on the depreciation factor, this is one technique you ideally follow. Invest your money on buying a 24 Karat gold. You can also stack up gold bars or gold coins. This way, you can realize the true value of gold when you want to liquidate the same into money.

Have your jewelry appraisal report handy

Whenever you want to sell your gold for money, you need to have accurate reports. This is pertaining to the jewelry, you own. You can approach a friendly neighborhood store that buys and sells gold jewelry. The report will have details on whether diamond stones were used, to create jewelry. You will have a thorough description on the setting used. Say whether the bedazzled ring was made using a 14K or an 18K gold.

Look into the repairs

If the stones are missing or a newer polish is required, you will need to take adequate steps, towards the same. Only then, will you get real good money for your jewelry. The jewels get a better resale value, only when the repairs are taken up, in an elaborate manner.
You will at least be able to revive 60% of what you spent on jewel sets. This is especially true if you are trying to dispose the same. And want to receive real-good money from the sale proceeds.

These are 3 simple techniques on how you earn good Cash for Gold.

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Mesmerizing Designs on Valentine’s Day Special Diamond Pendants

It is the undying passion you have, on your soul-mate that actually keeps the sparks of a relationship alive. The love pours out, right from the bottom of your heart. Diamond pendants signify the eternal love you have, towards one another.

These are mesmerizing designs on Valentine’s special diamond pendants, you simply get swept under:

Heart Shaped Diamond Pendants


As heart is the symbol for love, heart shaped diamond pendants definitely tops the chart, this season. You can go for glass heart pendants as these outshine the glimmer and sheen, like none other. A crystallized heart can also be chosen as the ideal form of pendant. The heart shaped design is coated using 14/18K yellow gold. The stones are decorated across the heart pendant. Else you can go for a yellow or white gold heart pendant with a single stone.

Floral designs


As the flowers bloom fresh during the spring, your love too blooms fresh during the onset of Valentine’s Day. To add a refreshing feel to jewelry, you can add a floral design to the pendant, as well. These are two flowers embedded on one another. You can add a diamond stone each, on each of the flowers. The setting can take white/yellow/pink gold. Else you can have the pretty looking flower inscribed on a platinum finish, as well.

Styles using objects


You can also come up with a unique styled pick on Diamond Pendants. You can have a layered design styled. A teddy bear, a chocolate bar and a funky looking key chain are objects added to the layered style. This pendant can definitely be customized as it adds to the fun and frolic feel between the two of you. Diamond stones can be decorated, as and when needed.

‘I love you from the bottom of my heart’


These are two hearts entangled with one another to form a pretty looking pendant. You can also add a small lip-stick bar to the pendant. Fabulous diamond stones are adorned to the central heart. The other heart is a glittering 18K yellow gold. The lip stick can be inscribed on a bar shaped pendant. All the three are clubbed together to form a one-of-its-kind design on pendants.

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Discover Enigmatic Designs on Birthstone Jewelry

A birth stone is a lucky stone in conjunction with your time of birth. You may belong to a particular sun-sign, star-sign or even be a cusp. You will definitely have a lucky stone as per your sign.

Birthstone jewelry have always fascinated the jewelry crowd. These comprise of birthstone rings, birthstone necklaces, pendants and bracelets. A look at each one of them:



Five stone rings can look very charming to the eye. Three stone rings can also add to a tantalizing effect. One can choose birth stone rings in a stylish manner. Emerald five stone ring or a multi-hued birthstone ring can lend a cosmopolitan outlook to your persona, indeed.



Take home a pretty looking multi-stone bracelet. The bracelets can be customized with a string of lucky stones connected with your sun sign. Opal, turquoise, emerald, ruby and blue sapphire are the popular gem stones that bring lady-luck to most of us. Birth stones arranged in a delicate fashion can add an element of charm and ethnicity to the jewelry.



A classic heart shaped or a crimson moon-shaped pendant can be studded with stunningly good-looking birth stones. A five stone heart pendant is the most ideal way to celebrate love in a colorful manner.

Eternity Bands



Charming stones can decorate eternity bands and add to the beauty in the most adorable way. Customize your band with oval cut stones. These can be your birthstones, of course.

The band will really pull off a mesmerizing effect among peers and loved ones.

Chains cum necklaces

necklace-hello-diamondsYou can customize your chains or inter-twined statement necklaces using your very own birthstones. These will not only help you catch up with the latest trends but act as your lucky charm, as well.

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Practical Tips to follow while choosing Online Watch Shops

Do you want to purchase a designer watch from an online store? Then these are the practical tips to help you make a well-informed purchase.

Know about classic-styled watchesrolex-watches-hello-diamonds

Quite a lot of companies’ fake luxury modeled watches and sell them away, for a steal. Do not get carried away by the lower prices. Go out there and educate yourself on how watches are manufactured. There is a whole science, behind making watches. You also find numerous web sites and blogs that expose watch lovers to the latest designs on wrist watches. You can visit the manufacturing sites of top notch brands like Rolex, Breitling, Fossil or Jack Mason to know what is the designing mechanism of these companies’? In order to make their watches tick! Buy these from reputed online watch shops.

Analyze the true value of a watch

Remember, your school or college days? When you want to remember tedious formulae in Mathematics or Chemistry, you add an inventive tune to it. This way you remember the formulae at ease.
The similar way, there is a unique formula to determine the true value of the watch. Wear the watch numerous number of times, enjoy the feel of wearing the watch. This way, you can reduce the cost of the watch to affordable pennies. It is better to spend a little extra on getting quality watches than going in for cheaper ones.

Online Seller Vs the brand

You need to be extra cautious while you buy watches from an online store. If the manufacturer or the brand is entirely new, then you will need to ponder a little more, over the purchase. You need to check for genuine online testimonials and look for stronger social media presence. The manufacturer need to engage himself with customers and answer their questions.
Also look for watches that come with a proper manufacturer’s warranty. He needs to ensure quality and show willingness to exchange the product. This is in case they have been damaged during shipping or have manufacturing defects.

Economics of watch pricing

Fashion watches are just meant to reveal the stylish side of you. You can have these watches priced at $250 or below. You don’t mind even if these watches break after a couple of years.

Watches between $1000 and $10,000 are luxury watches. These are manufactured by trusted labels. You need to have a terrific idea behind the world-famous watch manufacturers, in town. This way, you are able to gauge if you are paying the price for the quality you get.

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Create Custom Jewelry with Loose Diamonds

Creating stunning pieces of jewelry is seamlessly possible. This is when you own a big collection of Loose Diamonds inside your closet. Here is letting you know how you can put these precious stones to best use.

Know the kind of jewelry pieces, you intend customizing:


Engagement Ring

You can make customized rings either with a single studded solitaire stone. Else you can adorn the center with a garnet or a cute looking gem stone. You can opt for designing the smaller diamond studs across the band.



You can use your own creativity while designing pendants. You can stud the hearts, stars or moons with smaller pave-cut stones. Else you can design a single solitaire stone hanging across the chain. Locket modeled pendants also make a good choice, when you want to convert the chain into a statement necklace. You can create pendants and attach them to gold or silver colored chains.


diamond earrings texas

Again, you can adorn an existing design with smaller stones. Else have a single cut solitaire stone, forming a part of the ear-studs.
Now, we will have a look at styles



This is a single diamond stone that can create a classic look on finger rings, bracelets or pendants. The stone needs to be aesthetically designed and the cut needs to precisely suit the jewelry. The one you are planning to sport!

Three stone ring

three stone engagement rings

This is the most classic style opted by jewelry designers while carving rich-feel Engagement rings. The ring usually has three diamond stones. You can place the biggest stone across the center while the other two cling on to each side of the mount. You can again customize these. The central diamond can be a colorless one while the other two are colored diamonds.



In this setting, you have quite a lot of loose diamonds elegantly decorated across the band, and the metallic edges stand out. The prongs usually are meant to hold the stones in place. You have an exquisitely designed jewelry with the setting. Mainly because you find more of stones and less of metal.

Pave Setting

pave setting

Pave setting is also a spectacular design, when it comes to designing intricate forms of jewelry. You have intricately designed smaller studs decorated across the band. Unlike a prong setting, pave setting does not make use of huge diamonds. Pave cut jewelry is relatively less expensive as compared to jewelry owning the prong design. But the style is a brilliant one.

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Discover top 5 models on Heart-Shaped Diamond Pendants

Women have always been fascinated by diamonds. The radiance emanating from the precious stones is what adds to their eternal beauty. This Christmas or upcoming New Year, love is definitely in the air.

Helping you discover top 5 exquisitely designed heart shaped diamond pendants:

Open Heart Pendant


You can choose a diamond pendant that is an open heart. Smaller studs can adorn the heart-shaped one. The pendant is suspended from a 14K white gold or a platinum finish chain. This pendant can be an awesome gift to your girl for the upcoming Christmas, New Year or Valentine’s Day. As the chain follows a minimalist design, you can buy the gift well under the $1000 mark.

Double-layered heart pendant


You can choose a double layered chain to pull off stunning looks, in style. You can choose a hard-crusted diamond stone for the smaller heart while the larger diamond stone is for the bigger heart. You can gift away a double layered heart-pendant chain to your lady-love. This is a resplendent chain, she would go head over heels in love with.

Where is the key to your heart?


The pendant is the 10K yellow-gold key-heart pendant. The encase is a sterling silver necklace. Happening guys out there. Now do you know where the key is to your lady-love’s heart? You can open and unopen her heart with the key-heart pendant. The mesmerizing heart is studded with the precious stones as you might have expected. A very heart-warming present for the upcoming festive season.

A fantasy ‘I Love you’ pendant


This is a falling sterling silver heart pendant. The wordings ‘I love you’ engraved on the pendant sounds magical indeed. Give her the perfect pendant to express the love you have for your girl. A pretty-looking sterling silver heart that falls from a silver swash of ribbon is therefore a pendant, your soul-mate will treasure forever.

Glass-Heart Pendant Necklace


This is a mesmerizing heart pendant with a red Murano glass finish. You can simply take your lover-girl to the moon and back. Sultry red reveals the explicit love, you have for your lady. While shimmering threads of gold, weave their way through the one of its kind heart pendant. You can adorn diamond studs covering the glass heart. The necklace can be a 14K yellow or white gold, voyaging the magical journey between the two of you.

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Choose Royal Christmas Gifts At Ease

Christmas season is fun, enjoyment and entertainment. Splurging on those long lunches, sitting beside near and dear ones, add to the most cherished moments of the year. The festive season dawns the end of the year and start of a new one. Quite a lot of us start the beginning of the year with new hopes, spirits and expectations.

Helping you find fabulous Christmas jewelry by narrowing down options:

Assorted variety of pendant sets

Diamond Heart Pendant

You can shop for exclusive diamond jewelry, within the budget, you have in mind. You can order for a single strand or a multi-layered chain and attach each of the pendants. Assorted variety of jewelry helps you mix and match these across various outfits. Diamond heart shaped, fancy designer, cross varieties and pendants with chain form interesting options for you to choose from. The pendants fall under $ 250. And that is the happy news.

Birth stone necklaces

Gemstone Pendants

Trendy chains suit the glamour on any given occasion. But when you celebrate Christmas, you call the stars to bestow you with the dawn of the upcoming New Year. There is element of sanctity to the festive occasion. Birth stone necklaces are the most savored ones, you can plan wearing, at this time of the year. Raw aquamarine, jade, amethyst, ruby, emerald, blue sapphire and pearls are birthstones you add to chains.

Children’s jewelry

Angel pendant

When you reach the site of Hello Diamonds, just by typing,, you can find a section on Children’s jewelry. Children’s rings and teenage necklaces are aplenty on display. It is this time of the year, parents pamper their kids with lovely and adorable gifts. Nothing can beat the season when you want to give away fabulous pieces of diamond jewelry to your Barbie dolls and handsome boys, out there.

Men’s jewelry

Alters Sapphire Ring

You can gift away money clips, gent’s designer bracelets and rings. Ladies pamper their husband or would be at this time of the year.

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Special Engagement Rings to Celebrate the Occasion

In this particular blog, you are going to explore some of the most uniquely hand-crafted sequins on Engagement rings. You want to celebrate the most joyous moment of your life, with the heart-felt designs on jewelry. These are never before seen models on Engagement cum wedding rings
Taking you on a virtual ride across the catalogue:

Vintage styled rings

You can select an intricately designed ring, hand-crafted using vintage sequins. The ring resembles the ones sported by Victorian queens of the previous era. The jewel piece also gives the flavor of an art deco flair. This is a timeless piece that can convey significant meaning to the entire Ceremony. It is an Engagement ring of an heirloom quality as well. Glamorously designed, this pick can never go wrong.

Get enamored with scroll-work settings

This is an ornate-piece with a scroll-work setting. It gives a magnificent as well as a playful kind of a feel. The diamond stone flourishes like a set of scrolls put one on top of another. The fresh designer one, adds to the organic looks, aptly suited to help you celebrate the most joyous moment of your life.

Pear-shaped and marquise cut diamonds

The ring provides a signature look, adding to the finesse appeal. The pear-shaped and marquise cut can provide a pretty look to the entire setting. The gorgeously shaped diamond stone instantly slims and elongates your fingers.


This is a very unique design for you to choose, for your lady-love. You have two huge layers of diamond stones with the center studded cut. It really looks beautiful and gives an architectural kind of a feel. The designer ring adds to the fashionable hues, as well.

Mixed metal halos

Are you confused on the kind of metal? Is it yellow gold, rose gold or platinum? Then here is a fantastic idea. Mix all the three together. You get a super-enigmatic appeal, while the Engagement rings are customized. Add a yellow-gold halo surrounding the center stone. The white-gold beautifies the band. Give a platinum coat to the ring, to give it an all-new upgrade. You are now, all set to go!

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Know 5 never before heard of ideas when it comes to choosing diamond pendants

Why do you have to go in for solitaire diamond pendants? This is the first question that pops up in your mind. A solitaire diamond pendant is one that shines and sparkles in all its glory. You can design pendants to choose any occasion. Be it graduation day ceremony, Anniversary day event or even as a splashing gift for yourself. A Solitaire pendant can be an eternal piece of jewelry that is treasured for generations to come.

Taking you through never before heard of, ideas and tips when it comes to choosing diamond pendants:

The factors you need to keep in mind while choosing diamonds

The diamond experts have always emphasized the need for determining the quality of diamonds in terms of their 4 C’. These include
1) Carat
2) Cut
3) Color and
4) Clarity


Amongst all the 4 characteristics that determine the purity of diamonds, it is the cut of the diamond that is the most important deciding factor, when it comes to choosing your own set of diamonds. If you are typically going in for a diamond pendant, you can choose a cut above diamond. You can google the net to have a look at cuts that are exclusive to pendants. You can choose a design that is truly breath-taking and the radiance of the pendant outshines the necklace.

Which is the metal you need to go for, while choosing the corresponding chains?

You can go in for white gold or platinum to give the chain a truly incredible effect. For stylish designs and for customizing jewelry pieces, white gold looks sexy and eye-catching, as well.

A classic choice would be a diamond studded necklace. But as you are already going to embed a solitaire pendant made from diamond itself, you can go in for other forms of metals.

For those of you who love sporting conservative type of jewelry, you can select a chain made from yellow gold or rose-gold. The hues can add to your vintage style by giving the appearance a rich as well as a traditional look.

What is the length of the chain?


You can go in for a 16 inches chain so that when you include your pretty looking pendant, it sits right there, beneath your collar-bone. You can select longer chains with jump rings, as well. You have a ring just below the bottom portion of the chain. You can adjust the pendant via the extra inch space provided by the chain. These chains are usually 18 to 20 inches in length. Longer chains can add a better element of versatility over the usual varieties.

What setting is most ideal for a diamond pendant?

For solitaire diamond pendants, you can go for a bezel setting. You have the diamond set directly into the metal. This way, you are able to create contemporary designs at ease. For a more classic feel, a prong setting would be more appropriate. Just like how you have the typical solitaire diamond studded to the engagement ring.

Do you order for the setting alone or order for the necklace and the pendant, put together?

You can either order for the setting alone. In other words, you customize the chain and have the pendant delivered to you. Else you can order for the necklace along with the pendant. When you order for the pendant alone, you have variety of options to design the chain, the way you wanted to.

These are the top 5 ideas and techniques when it comes to choosing Diamond Pendants, the right way. Hello diamonds is the best way to say a warm hello to diamond jewelry. Feel elated as you type in on your address bar.